Early Tents, Hotels, Fires, Ice Cream, & Vivekananda

If you have a Question About T.I. Park -- We Have an Answer!

Inside View
  • Delve into over 100, 19th Century, 3-D Stereoviews from all along the River including T.I. Park!   3-D Viewer Available for Your Perusal.
  • Find out what the Introduction of Yoga to the United States has to do with T.I. Park!
  • See Incredible Pictures of Fires & Ruins
  • Toot an Original Ferry Whistle
  • Discover why J.D. Salinger was a frequent guest to T.I. Park
  • Explore how early peoples survived the winters and filled the ice houses
  • Observe locally made, historic, Native American Baskets
  • Learn how the Original Guzzle's 1915 Fire Code Construction Successfully Saved the Park from Further Destruction in 2014
  • Master the Rules of early games such as Shuffleboard, Roque, Tub Races, Boat Races, and Pie Eating Contests
  • See Early Snowmobiles, Post Office Memorbialia, and Tourist Souvineer Items  

No Admission Fee!  It's Free!

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